Sea Of Misinformation was started five years ago by Ryan Giffin. Having just launched their second album "North Star" (US/UK), Sea of Misinformation is exploding onto the Seattle scene with a sound unlike anything you've heard. Coined as country/grunge or pop/folk, the band will take you to the open seas through waves of heartache and redemption. Their new record includes singles like, 'Breaks,' 'Burn,' and 'No Trust.'  Ryan Giffin's piercing vocals, and melancholic lyrics haunt the listener while somehow leaving them with clarity and closure.


'Constantly evolving' is the band motto. "We all see the sound that we are trying to make," says Giffin. "There isn't a formula. It is an ever-changing landscape in which we write these tunes." Saylor (bass) chimes in, "Genre-inspecific." These fellas really believe in the sound that they have created and moreover they think that there is "something for everyone" on their newest album, 'North Star.'


For Giffin, this is a lifelong project that is quickly gaining recognition in the city of Seattle. As for the other band members, they are new recruits to a proven structure. Alex Wilson, lead guitarist, was picked up from Orbit Audio where SOM recorded the record. "The best guitarist is the one closest to the songs," says Alex. He is just the baby in the band, but the kid has an ear for licks and EQ like you wouldn't believe. He is quite an asset. Andrew Saylor, bassist, has moved his media company and his axe from Chicago to the great state of Washington. Since he joined, the band has undergone a new "bottom end" and a fierce driving force to these age old tunes. "Down to brass," as he puts it.

Sea of Misinformation is a joy to listen to and a pleasure to see live. These gentlemen have put the work into their catalog and they strive to convey that on stage.